Thursday, October 8, 2009

Soudain Le Vide

Gaspar Noes' latest film ENTER THE VOID (Soudain Le Vide) still hasn't gotten DVD distribution or a theatrical release (what a surprise) but I keep finding teasers on youtube and they are some of the most well done promo for ANYTHING I have seen as of late, Unlike every other director ever I love how Noe uses bizzare points of view and high angled panning shots to create a sketchy unsettling and voyeuristic atmosphere...I NEED too see this film and you NEED too see these teasers; I stole the sypnopsis for the flick from the Cannes website for those who need a plot to convince them this will be the best flick coming out of france since...Noes other movies HAH!

Oscar and his sister Linda are recent arrivals in Tokyo. Oscar's a small time drug dealer, and Linda works as a nightclub stripper. One night, Oscar is caught up in a police bust and shot. As he lies dying, his spirit, faithful to the promise he made his sister ­ that he would never abandon her - refuses to abandon the world of the living. It wanders through the city, his visions growing evermore distorted, evermore nightmarish. Past, present and future merge in a hallucinatory maelstrom.

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